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Book Review: The Reader

Summary: Once there was, and one day there will be. This is the beginning of every story. Sefia lives her life on the run. After her father is viciously murdered, she flees to the forest with her aunt Nin, the only person left she can trust. They survive in the wilderness together, hunting and stealing what they need, forever looking over their shoulders for new threats. But when Nin is kidnapped, Sefia is suddenly on her own, with no way to know who’s taken Nin or where she is. Her only clue is a strange rectangular object that once belonged to her father left behind, something she comes to realize is a book. Though reading is unheard of in Sefia’s world, she slowly learns, unearthing the book’s closely guarded secrets, which may be the key to Nin’s disappearance and discovering what really happened the day her father was killed. With no time to lose, and the unexpected help of swashbuckling pirates and an enigmatic stranger, Sefia sets out on a dangerous journey to rescue her aunt, …


Hey everyone! This is just a quick apology for me being absent lately. I've been trying to apply to a lot of scholarships and softball is getting reading to start. I'm still hoping to post soon and I'm still reading books but as of right now, I can't post every Tuesday like I originally wanted. However, my goal is to do at least two posts a month. One should be coming soon for a book I read 1.5 weeks ago so be on the lookout for that. Anyway, sorry again and see you later.